Kyle Patrick Darling

What's Happening

-- I just finished filming a new horror movie called Armenian Haunting. It's being released early 2018.

-- I started studying with the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

-- My episode of Tosh.O aired on April 5, 2016.


-- Here is the interview I did with Backstage! (Available in print and online as of July 28th, 2016). -

-- Treading Yesterday was an Official Selection to the Dances With Films Festival that took place in June in Hollywood at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

treading1 treading2

-- Here's some behind the scenes pictures from filming new episodes of Treading Yesterday:

-- I filmed a promo for the new season of Botched on E! (and no, I didn't have surgery). Here's the link to the clip:

-- I recently finished performing in the stage show called Dog Sees God. I portrayed the role of Beethoven. It was performed at the Renberg Theatre in Hollywood. Every show was sold out, it was an incredible experience. Here's a cast picture.

-- Just landed 3 major gigs. 2 for major networks. 1 for a major brand. All within 2 weeks from each other. More information to come!

-- The new web series I'm in called We, The Band has been released! New episodes are being released weekly. Check it out here:

-- Treading Yesterday enjoyed a rather successful red carpet event premiere on December 6th! The first 2 episodes will be released around Christmas, 2015.

-- Undetectable was featured on Big Gay Picture Show and they described it as "Weird and Creepy"....which is perfect!

-- On December 15th, The Surface will be released on DVD and VOD. Pre-order it at:

-- December 6th, Treading Yesterday will be released on Vimeo (the pilot episode). And a red carpet event will happen the same day in California.

-- The upcoming web series I'm in, We The Band, made it to the Finalists at the Austin Film Festival.

-- Gay Jesus is still coming.

-- I have just accepted a role in the new series called Treading Yesterday. It's a great story about the LGBTQ community. Filming begins this summer. Check them out on Facebook and on the official site:

-- The Surface has been getting some really good early reviews.

-- The Surface (in which I have a supporting role in) is having it's world premiere on June 27, 2015 in San Fransisco at the Frameline Film Festival. For more info on tickets and the film, visit: This Link

-- Be sure to add me on Vine and keep your eyes peeled on other social media sights for something fun I have in the works!

-- Undetectable screened privately for critics at the San Fransisco Film Awards and it was honored with this award. I'm so proud to be a part of this amazing film.

-- Having wrapped filming on the movies, 'The Surface' and 'Undetectable' in 2014, both films are now gearing up for their festival runs all this year. They are both intended to go to national and international festivals. Stay tuned!

-- The music video I have a starring role in, 'A Place To Go', by Investo and featuring Tara McDonald (and directed by Edward John Drake) has been released worldwide. Having earned MTV Clip Of The Week (Greece) and still finding great success on YouTube and whatnot, there's no slowing this video down.

-- I can also be seen in a Guest Starring role in the web series 'We, The Band'. It's being released in the coming months. Keep your eyes peeled!

-- I have a feeling 2015 is going to be a great year. I have landed a role in another music video, which is filming in February. More details to come. And I can't wait to see what else is in store!